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SGC Global is a Project Management and Engineering company, supporting high-tech and Life Science industries around the world. We supply world-class resources and strategic support to some of the world’s biggest construction projects.

SGC Global are proven Project Management specialists and a leader in our field.

  • We are a client-centric company, tailoring our services to meet our clients’ requirements, and we are proud of our long-standing partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world.
  • We are adept at directing large, multi-disciplinary teams, communicating effectively and managing stakeholder relationships successfully throughout the projects we manage. Our operating principles emphasise communication and cooperation among all parties through teamwork, mutual respect, and commitment to common objectives.
  • The senior management team have over 75 years of collective industrial engineering, logistics, environmental health and safety, cost engineering and project accounts experience in the delivery of a wide range of service offerings to the market.
  • We are 100% committed to delivering each project on-time, on budget and to the agreed specifications

With offices in Ireland and the USA, we support and major construction and development projects all over the world.

We welcome enquiries from individuals seeking career opportunities in the construction industry, or from companies seeking the skilled resources they need to drive their next major project.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Project Management Ireland

Why Choose SGC Global as your Project Management Partner?

Traditionally project management assignments are executed by a number of companies each specialising in one or two disciplines. This company brings together all the specialists under a one team operation and as a result, delivers very measurable advantages for the client. What this company offers which differentiates their business model is the fact that project management processes and techniques are used to coordinate resources to achieve predictable results. They do this by reducing risks, delivering on time and cutting costs.

This scale of service is a next-level delivery of Project Management, Innovative and Effective.

What are the benefits of working with SGC Global?
There are many benefits to choosing SGC Global as your Project Management partner. The main benefits are as follows:

  • Highly trained, experienced and adaptable project managers to oversee large projects.
  • Quality of service is assured. A reputation for providing top-class management personnel.
  • Their services pay for themselves as specialist employees save on the cost of projects for clients.
  • No need to recruit and sift through resumes, the client will know they are getting the right person for the job.
  • Fixed contracts and fees. No need for long term employment.
  • No need for clients to fire or pay employees during downtimes (e.g. clients can hire a project manager for a 6-month project, 3-month break, hire again for 5-months)
  • A wealth of experience in the specialised fields of semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other high-risk environments.
  • An honourable employer that treats staff and clients with respect and transparency. This reflects in the finished assignment.
    Tailored service to each individual client and project’s needs.

Project Management for Success


SGC Global recognizes that we must constantly evaluate and invest in the latest emerging technologies and work to prepare our engineering staff for the ever-dynamic nature of our business. As such, we make significant investments to ensure that our engineers are well educated, well trained, and well versed in the technologies required to ensure the success of our customers. These skills are augmented by a wealth of experience and solid consulting skills that rank our engineers among the best in the industry.


Customer success is more than just customer satisfaction. At SGC Global, we focus on helping our customers achieve their business and mission objectives. We accomplish this by providing the services and solutions of highly dedicated, results-oriented, world class engineers with the domain knowledge necessary to accomplish the task at hand. SGC Global understands that forming a partnership with our customers, listening to their needs, maintaining communication, and establishing shared goals are the keys to successful project delivery.


All of our consultants are qualified with at least full membership of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) or the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM).To maintain status with their professional body, SGC Global consultants must be able to show that they undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD). SGC Global ensures that they meet this requirement through regular routine training sessions which ensure that consultants are kept up to date with changes to legal requirements, guidance and best practice in the industries with which they deal.‘People come first’ so we work hard to make sure that their work place is safe and healthy environment for all our employees, clients, suppliers, partners and sub-contractors.


We support and encourage individual growth by supporting our engineers to professionally develop and to educate themselves on next generation technologies. We reward growth by emphasizing communication through the success of high performance work teams.


Integrity and high ethical standards are crucial in our relationships with our clients, partners, vendors and each other. We say what we do and we do what we say. Every facet of our business is guided by honesty and integrity, from the quality of our project delivery to our fiduciary obligations to our respect for people, the environment and the planet.


SGC Global believes that the customer must come first always, where high quality is assured and safety is to the forefront of everything we do. This combined with a flexible and agile contracting strategy means that projects are delivered on schedule and within budget. To ensure that the customer gets the best service we must be sure we know exactly what they want , so we spend time asking the right questions and listen to our customers feedback.

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