SGC Global has experience delivery Construction Logistics Consultancy and Operational Services to complex mega construction projects across Aviation, Advanced Technology, Data Centres, and Manufacturing sectors.

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Construction Logistics is a focussed approach to temporary support services and site logistics to ensure the efficient, safe, and controlled flow of workforce, equipment, and materials to the point of installation.

A consolidated and professionalised approach to the operational delivery of Construction Logistics services brings more control and transparency to costs (where traditionally these were obscured in prelims, or contracted in fragments); operational management (bundled integrated services managed proactively by senior experienced managers); and to Programme (delivery of services to consistent standards of process, time, cost, safety, quality, and ‘customer’ satisfaction bring control, procedural behaviours, and predictability to Schedule).

The SGC Team can and will Plan, Design, Cost, and Deliver robust, flexible, integrated, and scalable processes and services aligned with the diverse and dynamic demands and constraints of your Clients, Projects, Programmes, Workforces, and Third Parties.

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