Its NOT A Safety Plan. It’s a business Plan!

In order to grow, your internal business systems and processes must be relevant, complete, efficient and compliant with relevant legislation. This is particularly important when it comes to Workplace Health and Safety systems.
So, ask yourself these questions?
1. Are you aware of your legislative responsibilities and how to comply with injury prevention and management regulations?
2. Do you have appropriate injury prevention and management systems in place?
3. Would you like to improve your employees’ health and wellbeing in the workplace?

Our purpose is to assist employers across the Globe in preventing and managing the outcomes of workplace injuries. Your expert advisor will work with you to develop an action plan and support you through implementation of injury prevention and management systems. Building your expertise, our team provides you with tools and advice to:
• Prioritise safety and return-to-work issues specific to your workplace
• Review safety processes and procedures to suit your business needs
• Encourage workers to act more safely by involving them in safety decisions
• Determine how successful return to work is achievable for injured workers
• Understand your legislative responsibilities as an employer

The three levels of support available
There are three levels of support available to businesses / employers:
1. SGC- Global Advance – for complex or high-risk businesses with established workplace health and safety and return- -to-work systems
2. SGC- Global Evolve – for growing businesses to evolve their work health and safety and return-to-work systems
3. SGC- Global Small Business – for small businesses wanting to establish a basic work health and safety and return-to-work system.
What results can you expect?
To date, more than 1000 Global employers have benefited from our services program. They’ve seen the following types of results:
• Greater employee participation and involvement
• Reduced injury and insurance claim rates
• Reduced average claims costs
• Injured workers returning to work sooner
• Increased productivity
• Reduced insurance premium rates
• Reduced workplace injury rates.
If you would like to know more about SGC Global Services, please email: or call mob: 0873910171